• How do I cancel future shipments?

    You can cancel future shipments by logging in and chatting with us online or by calling Customer Care at (800) 309-4796.

  • How do I get my rewards?

    Once you have earned 2,000 points, simply go to your Proactiv Perks dashboard and scroll down to Redeem Rewards. If your account has at least 2,000 points, you will be able to redeem 2,000 points for a $10 reward or coupon code that you will need to copy and paste in the…

  • Does Proactiv have any side effects?

    Side effects are usually mild and may include drying and irritation in some users. To test for an adverse reaction to your Proactiv system, apply the products to a small patch of affected skin during the first three days. A small group of people may be hypersensitive or allergic to…

  • Is Proactiv suitable for all ethnicities and skin types?

    Yes. Proactiv products are designed for acne-prone skin. No matter your ethnicity or skin type – dry, oily, combination, normal or sensitive – Proactiv will have the right combination of products for you.

  • Can I use other skincare products while using Proactiv?

    Yes, you can use other skincare products with most Proactiv products but please be mindful of a few very important issues. First, be certain that any product you apply to your skin is labeled “non-comedogenic” which means it is designed to not clog pores. Second, the Proactiv systems are designed…

  • Does Proactiv have an Affiliate Program?

    Yes. Proactiv offers an exciting and rewarding Affiliate Program for our brand enthusiasts. For additional information and details on how to sign-up please click here.